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Hydrafinil, also known as Fluorenol is an unregulated synthetic drug Pharmaceuticals used as an eugeroic (attentiveness advancing agent). After its synthesis, fluorenol was one of the few agents to be considered as a theoretical successor to the advanced and FDA-approved drug. Studies on animals demonstrated that fluorenol displayed approximately 39% more noteworthy eugeroic viability than modafiniI over a short-term span.

Shaanxi Sangherb Biotech Inc is devoted into the research and innovation in natural nutritional supplements ingredients. Our own factory and lab with the strict quality control system to ensure quality stability and real price of Hydrafinil. At the same time, we have our own source for the raw material to make sure the production ability.  

Hydrafinil Description:

Name: Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol)

CAS NO. 1689-64-1

Grade: Medicine Grade

MF: C13H10O

EINECS No: 216-879-0

Purity: 99.0%

Appearance: White or off-white powder

Shelf life: 2 years


1. 9-Fluorenol is also known as hydrafinil and is the next generation of cognitive stimulants shown to be 39% more effective than moda-finil in maintaining alertness.

2. It is 140% as efficacious as moda-finil at wakefulness promotion and does not have the same interactions as moda-finil.

3. It also does not last as long, making it easier to dose more effectively, without having to wait out 12 hours of effects.

4. It has slightly lower DAT affinities but had higher eugeroic actions.

5. It is more potent than moda-finil with 50-100mg corresponding to 100-200mg for moda-finil. It shows no toxicity and no liver interactions.

Advantage & Support:

Leading natural nutritional ingredients supplier in China with 15 years experience.
Covering 19 acres land with its factory construction area around 10000 square meters.

ISO9001 2015, QS, FDA, Organic certified.
Overseas warehouse with large inventory and steady supply.
Professional R&D team and strong R&D strength. 

Packing & Storage:

1kg/aluminum foil bag (net weight 1kg, gross weight 1.2kg),

25kg/fiber drum (net weight 25kg, gross weight 28kg)

Stored in a cool and dry area, kept away from moisture and strong light or high temperature.

Sangherb Warm tips: The above Information had not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, only for your reference.


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