D-ribose is an important component of ribonucleic acid. It plays a pivotal role in the metabolism of nucleosides, proteins and fats, and has important physiological functions and broad application prospects.

D-ribose is one of the most basic energy sources for life metabolism, and promotes the recovery of ischemic tissues and local hypoxic tissues.

What is D-Ribose good for?

1. Accelerate the synthesis of ATP in the heart and skeletal muscle, improve cardiac ischemia and cardiac function.

Promote the production of ATP in cardiomyocytes, normalize the function of cardiomyocytes, thereby improving heart function, as well as symptoms such as asthma, palpitation, chest tightness, and qi deficiency.

2. Enhance physical strength and relieve muscle soreness

It is an raw material for muscle synthesis of energy source ATP. Supplementing D-ribose can improve the body’s exercise capacity, effectively resist fatigue, and relieve muscle soreness.

D-Ribose for the maintenance of human health

The three major nutrients of the human body: sugar, fat, and protein, can synthesize ATP in cells. Generally speaking, sugar is the main raw material for the synthesis of ATP.

The rate at which glucose produces adenine nucleotides and ATP is different in each organ. The ability of the heart and skeletal muscle to synthesize ATP is lower than that of the kidney and liver.

Oral D-ribose can rapidly synthesize 5-phosphate ribose in cardiomyocytes and skeletal muscle cells through this reaction pathway, thereby promoting the repair of adenine nucleotides and rapidly generating ATP.

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