L-malic acid is an important component of natural fruit juice. The acidity is higher, but the taste is soft and does not hurt the mouth and teeth. It is a new generation of food sour agent, which is conducive to the absorption of amino acids and does not accumulate fat. 


  • Sour Conditioner

    The taste of L-malic acid is close to the sour taste of natural apples. Beverages made with L-malic acid are more sour and sweet, close to the flavor of natural fruit juice.

  • Ferment

    L-malic acid is an intermediate of the biological tricarboxylic acid cycle and can participate in the fermentation process of microorganisms, so it is a food starter.

  • Deodorant

    It is a deodorant to remove fish and lice, body odor and for food storage. In addition, adding L-malic acid to milk can also improve the quality.

  • Pasta Enhancer

    L-malic acid has a strengthening effect on pasta and can enhance the air permeability, elasticity and toughness of the dough.

  • Protect vitamin C, maintain color

    L-malic acid can be used as a color retention agent for some foods, such as a natural anti-skid color retention agent.

  • Antioxidant, inhibit oil rancidity

    L-malic acid has good antioxidant capacity. Adding food antioxidants can delay oxidation, extend the shelf life, and maintain the color, flavor and nutritional value of the food.

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