Medium Chain Tryglycerides Introduction

Medium-chain triglycerides have a low freezing point and low viscosity. It is particularly stable at high and low temperatures.

As a food additive, they are solvents and carriers of food flavors and pigments;

In the food processing industry, medium-chain triglycerides replace easily oxidized milk fat.

Beverage industry: When medium-chain triglycerides are used in combination with water-soluble colloids, they can form a clouding agent.

In addition, It can replace mineral oil as a lubricant for food processing machinery.

The efficacy and application of MCT powder

MCT powder provides fast energy to the body. It has the characteristics of good absorption, no accumulation, and high efficiency. The main applications are as follows:

1. Lose weight

It is easy to digest and not easy to accumulate. It can replace part of the edible long-chain fat to achieve a better weight loss effect.

2. Energy source for sports and fitness people

Dietary supplement field: MCT has the characteristics of good absorption and fast action. 

3. Medical clinical nutritional supplements.

Quickly replenish energy and speed up the body.

4. Special populations are supplemented with nutrients to quickly replenish energy and promote growth and development.

Application products such as special formula milk powder for premature infants, formula milk powder for the elderly, and MCT powder for the elderly.

5. Pet feed.

Fast, efficient, and convenient to provide energy and fatty acids to promote growth.

6.Patient food

Medium-chain triglycerides are used as a special food for patients with post-operation, infection and skin burns.
And special food for patients with dyslipidemia, AIDS, cancer, and diabetes.
They can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia, dissipate gallstones, lower cholesterol, and prevent hyperlipidemia.

7.Feed additives

In poultry and animal husbandry: high energy and easy to absorb. Adding medium-chain triglycerides in feed can improve disease resistance of poultry and livestock.

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