The application of vitamin E in various fields

It has a wide range of functions in the human body and is larger than any nutrient. Therefore, it has the name of “guardian ambassador”.

1. Vitamin E in Medical fields

It is an intracellular antioxidant and a nutrient fortifier that resists the formation of toxic lipid peroxides and stabilizes unsaturated fatty acids. It has good medical value for many aspects such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, habitual abortion, infertility of women, endocrine function decline, liver disease and many other aspects.

2. Vitamin E in food fields

It is mainly used as an antioxidant in fats and oil-containing foods in foods, maintaining a stable and long-lasting freshness of processed foods. Natural vitamin E is more suitable for the production of various functional health-fortified foods, especially as antioxidants and nutritional supplements for infant foods.

3. Vitamin E in feed fields

As a feed additive, It is not only an antioxidant, but also plays an important role in animal immunity, disease prevention, and improvement of meat quality.

Vitamin E

4. Vitamin E in cosmetics fields 

It is easily absorbed by the skin, can promote skin metabolism and prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, and has special functions of beauty, skin care and anti-aging. The amount of addition is adjusted by various products and characteristics. The side chain of vitamin E is directly involved in the redox process of sulfhydryl groups, thereby inhibiting tyrosinase activity and reducing the formation of melanin. It also has the effect of dilating peripheral blood vessels, improving the microcirculation of blood vessels, promoting the transport of nutrients and the excretion of metabolic waste in the body, thus facilitating the elimination of “plaques”. In addition, It can also promote the absorption of vitamins C and A, and help cells better absorb the nutrients of external skin care products, so that the beauty effect doubles

5. Vitamin E in sports fields 

Exercise leads to accelerated metabolism in the body, and the metabolism of VE is also strengthened. Oral VE after high-volume exercise training can inhibit the formation of oxygen free radicals in the body, improve the body’s antioxidant capacity, and improve the body’s exercise capacity and fatigue resistance.

Which People need vitamins E ?

1. People who drink tap water disinfected with chlorine must take more of it ;

2. People who are rich in polyunsaturated fat (vegetable oil, fish oil) must take of it;

3. People taking birth control pills, aspirin, alcohol, hormones should add of it;

4. Cardiovascular disease, patients with Parkinson’s disease, pregnant women and middle-aged and elderly people should add of it.

5. Women facing menopause to increase the intake of of it, it is recommended to take compound tocopherol, 400 ~ 1200 IU per day.

6. The development of the nervous system in children is very sensitive to vitamin E deficiency, vitamin E deficiency, if not timely use of it supplement treatment, can quickly develop neurological symptoms.

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