Breif introduction of Proline

Proline is easy to deliquesce and not easy to crystallize, and has a sweet taste.
Plants often have significant accumulation of proline under adverse conditions such as drought, high temperature, low temperature, and salinity.
It is widely used in clinical, biological materials, industrial and other fields.

Proline applications

1. Application in the pharmaceutical industry

Malnutrition, protein deficiency, severe gastrointestinal disease, burns and protein supplementation after surgery.

2. Improve the cold resistance of plants

It is an osmotic regulator of plant cytoplasm, which stabilizes the structure of biological macromolecules, reduces cell acidity and regulates cell redox.

3. The internal function of organisms

In organisms, it is not only an ideal osmotic adjustment substance, but also a protective substance and free radical scavenger for membranes and enzymes, protecting the growth of plants under osmotic stress.

4. Industrial applications

It can be a catalyst for hydrogenation, polymerization, water media and other reactions. Proline has the characteristics of strong activity and good stereospecificity.

5. Other application areas

It and its derivatives are commonly used as symmetric catalysts in organic reactions.
Synthetic raw material of cholesteryl ester inhibitor.
Flavoring agent, a substance with a special aroma.

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